Music by David Paul Subscriber

$9.00 / month

Music by David Paul Subscribers receive a concert ticket every month plus amazing perks including  exclusive music downloads, new videos, positive affirmations and music mix tapes. 

With Your Monthly Subscription You Receive:
  • A Concert Ticket to the Live Streamed Concert. Concerts feature new music every month.
  • A New Music Video for Subscribers Only with Download Add the Music of Tai Chi Gung to your permanent music collection
  •  Four New “Mix Tapes” of the Music of Tai Chi Gung. Perfect for Meditation, your Yoga or Tai Chi Gung workout, or de-stressing after a long day. 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes. 
  •  A New Positive Affirmation Video. Specifically crafted with music and spoken word. An exclusive “how to” video shares how to use this tool to imprint deep in the subconscious mind.