This is the first of four basic standing exercises we share in our weekly classes. The first Tai’ Chi Gung Master, Boganathar was known in China as the great sage, Lao Tzu. He discovered that when the right and left side of the body are sufficiently balanced, it gives rise to a 3rd, regenerative, healing force in the body.  The figure 8 exercise shared below promotes this balance.  It calms the nervous system, connects the student to the earth, and simulates increased circulation in the legs.
We suggest that people who want to learn Tai’ Chi Gung take our 45 day challenge.  Discover the power of Tai’ Chi Gung for yourself!  Simply do a series of Yin Exercises every day for 45 days.  (It is a 25-30 minute workout.)
You can see one of these 4 basic standing exercises HERE,  learn the set of 4 from a practice DVD included in the Home Study Course which is FREE with a monthly Subscription to  Both the Home Study Course and the Subscription are available on