Online Music Lessons

Mr. Paul has developed an online music lesson course.  It features 8 different instruments with over 1200 videos and 600+ pages of music. It is ideal for home school students. Sisters and brothers can learn side by side, but keep their independence by playing their own instrument. Each lesson is presented the same way. This gives students the same simple set of tools to figure out every song. They are literally the same techniques Mr. Paul uses to learn new music professionally. Once a child understands the process, they can work their way through on their own, at their own pace.

Over half of the 45 songs in Book 1 are common tunes that children already know. There is plenty of repetition available with lots of variety at one skill level. This helps develop fluency. You’ll hear it. By the 3rd or 4th lesson, knowing 15-20 songs, they can really play! They sound good! When students can read music, they can actually play together! Basic note reading is emphasized in Book 1. This prepares children to play together “In the Band” in Book 2. The program is built to strengthen both right and left brain music skills. Music reading and playing by ear are developed side by side. Students are taught the structure and the fundamentals of music (Scales, Echo), but they can be creative and expressive too (jam).

The learning curve is gentle, but not boring. We want children with “modest” talent to succeed too. Practice speeds on the videos bring students forward gradually and performance speeds give them a challenging goal to strive for. Theo and Kahn keep it fun too! Some of the most important ideas are shared by a penguin and a monkey. In a humorous way, critical information is being shared, but the program really tries to stay out of their way and let children explore music on their own. It’s amazing how many people who learn by ear and “teach themselves” end up playing music their whole life. If students simply follow each step in order, they’ll learn to read music and play really well. There’s even a video that explains why each step happens. After all, who can resist the advice of a penguin? 🙂 The goal of is to help students learn to play an instrument well, and have so much fun that they remain active musicians their whole lives.

Visit and try a lesson for free on any of the eight instruments:  Piano, Guitar, Violin, Flute, Cello, Viola, Recorder or Tin Whistle.