music notes

Create Your Own Music

for Meditation and Healing

“This way to play re-connects people to the spiritual side of music.  It is playing from the inside out.  Those who learn music this way connect to their soul, reclaim their power, build their self confidence and … make beautiful music.”

You can learn to create and play your own music.  David has devoted more than 25 years to design and refine a new way to learn to play music.  You do not need to read notes or follow chord charts.  It’s very intuitive.  You live in the land of no right or wrong notes.  You learn to become fluent in your playing as soon as possible. Simple foundation exercises just a couple seconds long, repeated until you’re comfortable, establish the building blocks to express yourself with your own music.  It’s a lot of fun.  For those “recovering” from classical lessons, it’s a fantastic way to repair your love of music with fulfill your real desire to play.  All at your own pace!

Tai’ Chi Gung Master David Paul (B.A., M.M.) began his music career as a full time symphony violinist.  He has 6 CDs of original work.  He continues to play both piano and violin professionally.  He started  over with guitar and voice recently, not to mention the Djembe calling from the corner.

All the music you hear on this site was created using these creative principles taught to him through his practice of Tai’ Chi Gung. The music is all “first take” improvisations, recorded all at once. (Both piano and violin.)

Some students choose to study Tai’ Chi Gung as well as take music lessons.  It really speeds up their progress and helps them understand how to play from the soul, raise their personal vibration ( Relax, de-stress and decompress in regular person speak. 🙂 )

Contact Us to learn more about lessons. They can happen locally, or via Skype.