Music Lessons

Music Lessons to Feed Your Soul

Music brings joy, soothes sadness, transports one to other realms, calls angels, heals the heart, invigorates the body, touches the Divine.

As Shams Tabriz once said to the scholar Rumi about his spiritual life, “Do you want to talk about it, or do you want to do it?”

Tai’ Chi Gung Master David Paul has been combining music with the life energy consciously his entire adult life.  To make a soul connection as a musician used to take many, many years of practice. It was only for the “extraordinary talents”.

There is an art to this soul connection with music.  And Tai Chi Gung opens a science to it as well.  Adapting the very best of his classical training, David now shares a shorter, more direct road to playing music that ignites the soul, and soothes the heart.  Music you can share with other people some day if you want to; but just as importantly, playing for yourself, at home.

“Pico Duarte” by David Paul.

“Pico Duarte” is single take recording. You listened to the original piece of music as it was created.

The music feeling of this piece is based on lots of time with the energy of Tai Chi Gung, but the “technique” is only about 2nd to 3rd year level playing. 4 or 5 chords, a simple meter. It is well within the reach of any music student.

There are online materials to help along the way.

With decades sharing music with students, David guides students to play their own soul music, in a fun way, with 4 simple steps.

Private lessons are available on piano, violin and guitar.  Contact Master Paul to learn more and to schedule a free sample lesson in person locally in Denver, or by video conference online.

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