Concerts by Master David Paul feature an evening of original music for violin and piano inspired by Nature.  He shows the original videos and picture slideshows of the very images that inspired the music as he plays live in this multi-media event.

What makes the evening special is that Master Paul has learned how to draw the Chi, the life force, directly from the earth and project it through his instrument to an audience.

This is happening whether he shares his music in an intimate house concert, plays at a small venue for a few hundred people, or serenades an audience from the stage of large a concert hall where he earned his living as a symphony violinist for years.


A patron once commented after David’s concert:

“If the trees or mountains could talk, this is what they would say.”

Nature is a fitting place to begin and end an evening of peaceful, soul searching, reflective, healing music with Master David.

The entire Tai’ Chi Gung system of health, regeneration and longevity he studies and shares was born from the journey into Nature by Tai’ Chi Gung’s first Master, Lao Tzu, known in India as the great Yoga Master Boganathar.

An astrologer once remarked after being asked to do a reading, “Master Paul, your entire natal chart is set up to help you to bridge the divide, to communicate the truths of the spiritual into the physical world through art. Seldom do I ever see someone living their life so completely in tune with their soul’s purpose.”

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