Tai’ Chi Gung Class

We do the beginning yin standing exercises, the intermediate yang stretching and breathing exercises and wrap up the class with a bit of the Tai’ Chi Form; the same form that Lao Tzu shared with his students in Tibet more than 3000 years ago.

Tai’ Chi Gung Class Outdoors

Same class but being outdoors and doing Tai’ Chi Gung accelerates and deepens it’s benefits. The whole system grew from an appreciation and participation with Nature.

Tai’ Chi Form Class

This class is an in depth look at the choreographed form. It was first introduced by Boganathar-Lao Tzu and has been passed down in an unbroken lineage for more than 3000 years. Through the Tai’ Chi Form, students learn to propel the chi.

Classes by Appointment

These can be one on one sessions with Master David for private students or teachers in training.  Some clients prefer group classes not open to the public. These can be arranged by request, run for 6-8 weeks, or continuously in some cases.  Discounts of up to 20% for group classes apply to private club members of rasaji.com. Send class requests to: davidpaul108@yahoo.com