DavidPic1Master David Paul began practicing Tai’ Chi Gung more than 30 years ago. He is a student of Master Lama Rasaji, one of only 12 wandering Master Lamas in the world at this time.  Currently, Mr. Paul is the only certified Tai’ Chi Gung Master of his order living in the United States.

The Tai’ Chi Gung system has been passed down in an unbroken lineage for more than 3000 years from the original Master, Boganathar, who was known in China as the great sage, Lao Tzu. Every Tai’ Chi Gung Master accepts two primary responsibilities.  The first is to share the art with anyone who sincerely wants to learn, and shows this by continuing to practice.  The second is to train their replacement, a process that takes 30-60 years.

DavidPic2Master David is a professional musician, composer, recording artist and music educator as well.  He played violin full time in a symphony for 7 years after completing a Masters Degree at Rice University.  He began playing piano at age 6, and continues to play piano professionally as well.  6 CDs of original work for violin and piano are currently available on amazon.com

His concerts feature the Healing Music of Tai’ Chi Gung.  Every Tai’ Chi Gung Master is asked to share a special gift with humanity.  Master Paul has developed a style of playing that allows him to draw the energy directly from the earth and project it through the music to an audience.  Most of his music reaches directly to Nature Herself for inspiration.  Schedule a Concert and Tai’ Chi Gung Workshop.