Healing Music of Tai’ Chi Gung

Concerts of Music for Violin and Piano by David Paul


David Paul Violin Picture 1David Paul has developed a style of playing based on 28 years of daily training in Tai’ Chi Gung that enables him to create new music for violin and/or piano especially for those who attend his concerts. He creates new music this way for every audience. The music you hear now was recorded on the first take for both the piano and the violin.  You are listening to the original inspiration, the original moment, the Tao.  Drawing from over 3 1/2 hours of music from 6 CDs and a DVD, David intuitively chooses pieces to play that will speak to the audience that evening building soaring, soulful, uplifting violin melodies in that moment.  It is Music for Today.  The “Chi” of this music can liberate a soul, awaken the spirit and bring profound healing to the body. 


Tai’ Chi Gung

Tai Chi GungTai’ Chi Gung is a profound system of health, regeneration and longevity that has been passed down in an unbroken lineage for more than 3000 years.  Begun by the great Indian Yoga Master Boganathar, who was known in China as Lao Tzu, Tai’ Chi Gung was formally offered to the world when Boganathar opened a school in Darchen, Tibet.  Master Lama Rasaji lived and trained at that school.  He is the only Master Lama living in North America.  David Paul has studied with him for the past 28 years.
The Lamas teach that a person’s health is shaped by their relationship to the life force (chi) itself, and by what they think, how they breathe, how they move and what they eat. By thinking higher thoughts, breathing more like nature intended, moving with the forces of nature instead of against them, and eating foods of high energy including directly from the life force itself, a person can restore health if it has been lost, maintain health indefinitely and acheive a level of vitality in every day life most adults only dream about.  But the ancient teachings of Tai’ Chi Gung go on to describe how the life force can become profoundly regenerative in work, with money, friendships and with nature herself.
David Paul accepts private Tai’ Chi Gung students on a limited basis.  He is also available for Introductory Workshops in Tai’ Chi Gung.  These typically included a Concert of Healing Music for a group or organization on the evening before to promote participation, coupled with a two part workshop the next day that covers the Basic Standing Exercises of Tai’ Chi Gung in the first part, and a discussion of the Circle of Chi in the second part. Learn More.