Music of Tai Chi Gung by Master David Paul

“If the trees or mountains could talk, this is what they would say.”

“The music really drew me in.  I went into deep meditation so quickly with each song…and in one song I even experienced my whole life from beginning to its gentle ending. Magic!”

“It was a spiritual awakening for me. He opens you to a glimpse of eternity.”

“His concert is heaven on earth.”

What if an artist was able to reawaken the original inspiration of the music, every time it was played? In “Mountain Stream 3” shared here, David meditated on the images and then recorded the music in a single take. You are listening to the original piece.  The piano came first, and the violin was added later in a similar way.

During a live concert, Master Paul plays live violin, creating brand new music on top of the original recordings as the images of nature that inspired them are shown in a wonderful multi-media event.

David has developed this style of playing over the past 28 years. Using exercises handed down directly from Lao Tzu, he has learned to step into the Tao and bridge into the moment the piece was created, neither following a score or keeping track of chords.  With his daily practice of Tai’ Chi Gung, he has been granted the power to pull the Chi up from the earth and project it through the music.

As Master Lama Rasaji has said time and time again over the 32 years of his training, “David’s music is a meditation waiting to happen.”

David Paul is the only certified Tai’ Chi Gung Master of his order currently living in the United States. It is a rank granted after 25 to 30 years of daily practice. Tai Chi Gung is Lao Tzu’s physical system of the Tao. He opened his first formal school in Tibet more than 3000 years ago.  Master Lama Rasaji, David’s teacher and private mentor, lived and trained at the original school.